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    Council Jobs Bath

    For more than 20 years, Triumph Consultants Ltd has been the leading recruiter for council jobs in Bath. Combining our structured approach with a vast knowledge of the public sector, we make the hiring process as seamless as possible for both employer and employee.


    Securing Employment in the Public Sector

    Bath Council delivers various social services such as education, housing, skills development, disability and mental health, travel and transport, recycling and waste collection, and planning and building control.

    We have built a reputation for delivering exceptional hires for permanent, interim, and contractual council positions. While top Council roles are typically filled through election and appointment, several vacancies are open to applications. As your trusted recruiters, you can trust us to provide fast response and effective solutions every single time.

    Exploring Jobs in Bath Council

    Top roles in Bath & North East Somerset Council are typically appointed or elected. But considering the Council’s dedication to improving people’s lives, there are several vacancies that you can apply for.

    Environment-related services include rubbish and recycling, climate and ecological emergencies, and leisure and parks. Related services include planning and building control, and street and highway maintenance.

    People who want to be more involved with the community might consider vacancies in these Council services: housing, neighbourhoods and community safety, public health, adult social care and health, young people and families, and births, marriages and deaths.

    Other Bath Council jobs fall under these services:

    • Parking and travel
    • Tourism and heritage
    • Council Tax and benefits
    • Library and information services
    • Schools, colleges and learning
    • Skills and local employment
    • Jobs and careers
    • Trading standards
    • Business


    The Bath community operates like a well-oiled machine because of the top talents who take on the available roles in each of these services within the Council. Play a part in improving people’s lives by sending us your CV. We’ll match your qualifications with the right job vacancies.


    Working in Bath

    The Bath Council is one of the area’s largest employers. It employs nearly 6,000 people and remains on the lookout for top talents dedicated to improving citizens’ lives. This is a testament to how well-adjusted employees are to the Council, even if they aren’t originally from the community.

    People who just moved to Bath for a job will experience a seamless transition into their new residence and into becoming a member of the community. This is thanks to the efforts that the Council puts into every aspect of lifestyle and community living.

    Meanwhile, people who are already residents of Bath and North East Somerset know they can easily voice out their opinions and suggestions to the Council. There are also opportunities for residents to get involved with council decision making.

    For any enquiries about working in Bath or vacancies in the Council, please contact us today. Our highly skilled team can address any concerns and make sure your application goes smoothly.

    Our Recruitment Process

    Our experienced team understands the unique needs involved in public sector recruitment. We rely on industry knowledge, not faulty algorithms nor flimsy ads. We stay on top of industry trends and legislation and recruitment principles to provide top-notch results.

    Rest assured, all candidates are thoroughly vetted and screened. While we can’t promise to match each client with their desired role, we do promise to assess and respond to all applications sent our way.

    Follow these steps for a smooth and efficient job search:

    1. Make an account with Triumph Consultants and upload your updated CV
    2. Our team will thoroughly review your CV and search for a role that best fits your skills and credentials
    3. Our team will get in touch with a list of suitable options
    4. With your approval, we’ll turn over your application to the employer
    5. An interview and final screening will be scheduled
    6. If successful, our team will guide you throughout the onboarding process


    Submit Your CV Today

    We respect our clients’ privacy above all else. For this reason, we never store CVs for longer than 6 months nor do we send them to third parties without the client’s permission. If you’re interested in working for the Bath Council or searching for top talent to join your team, contact our office today.

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