Typical Interview Questions and How to Answer

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Typical Interview Questions and How to Answer

Whilst it is not possible to anticipate every single question you may be asked during an interview, there are a number of questions that are commonly posed by interviewers in all industries and market sectors. By learning about these questions and preparing for them in advance, you can project a more confident image and improve your chances of securing a rewarding position in the future.

Typical Interview Questions and How to Answer Them with Confidence

In our experience, the following questions are frequently asked by interviewers, regardless of the nature of the position they may be recruiting for or the industry in which their company operates:

  • Why Do You Want to Work for Us? – This question gives you the perfect opportunity to show that you have done your homework and actually know something about your prospective employer, so it’s important not to blow your chance to shine. Use the facts you have learned to build a convincing case as to why you would relish the chance to work for the company in question.
  • Why Should We Hire You? – If you are not prepared for this question, it can take the wind out of your sails and make you appear as if you doubt your own abilities. The best way to get ready for a question of this nature is to look at the job requirements carefully and make a note of how your knowledge, skills and experience qualify you for each one. You may also like to prepare a story that demonstrates the qualities you possess that make you perfect for the position.
  • Why Did You Leave Your Previous Position? – We always advise candidates to be honest when asked this question. You should also be as brief as possible and avoid casting aspersions on your previous employers. Furthermore, it is a good idea to avoid saying anything negative about old colleagues as this is more likely to reflect badly on you than on them, at least from the perspective of your interviewers.
  • What Are Your Salary Expectations? – Before you answer this question, we recommend asking about the salary range for the position, if it was not stated in the job advertisement. If you expect a salary towards the upper end of the quoted range, you will need to have some facts to hand, to illustrate why you deserve to be well remunerated.
  • What is Your Biggest Weakness? – The reason interviewers ask this question is to discover if you have any major flaws. However, don’t be tempted to say that you have no weaknesses as this will likely disqualify you from further consideration. Instead, mention a minor weakness and, if possible, explain how you have managed to overcome it to a certain extent through training, experience, experimentation etc. The aim is to put a positive spin on your weakness and make it sound inconsequential.

For more help with typical interview questions and how you should answer them, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. You can also explore our previous articles on what to wear to a job interview, and what to bring along with you.

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