London Temp Recruitment Agency for the Central Government

London Temp Recruitment Agency for the Central Government

Triumph Consultants Ltd gives you the support you need when helping candidates get the job they want in the public sector. Our central government recruitment agency in London fills temp, interim, and permanent positions on a national basis. We serve over 300 clients in local authorities, central government, police, emergency services, and other bodies in the health and education sectors. We can help you meet all of your employment needs.

The Benefits of Temporary Work

Candidates can expect to enjoy a range of benefits and rewards in our temporary employment positions.

All of our temporary positions are based in large, reputable and ethical public sector organisations. This ensures that the work required is important and varied, offering numerous opportunities for the development of skills. Regardless of how long you stay in the role, any of the organisations we work with would make a superb addition to your CV and provide the potential to receive valuable references in future.

Additionally, organisations often use temporary labour as a way of discovering outstanding individuals, who they are likely to contact later with offers for permanent roles. By demonstrating strong reliability and skill in a temporary position, candidates can gain a significant advantage over unknown applicants who are yet to prove themselves.

At Triumph Consultants Ltd, we only ever pay our workers on straightforward, weekly PAYE terms, without the extra charges and lack of transparency that can sometimes be encountered with umbrella companies.


Establishing the Right Connections

Our goal is to establish strong connections within the public sector by placing the right people in the right positions. We understand how much pressure there is in both job seeking and recruitment. We don’t make recommendations or endorsements unless we feel they are the right fit. Right connections build effective teams. Your success is our success.

We apply our own brand of human touch when we match candidates to possible postings. Our team of experienced recruitment experts go through CVs thoroughly and we don’t rely on algorithms to determine a good match. We also veer away from database mining and instead focus on evaluating a candidate’s skills and relevant experience. Although this approach may have its difficulties, we’ve found more consistent success with it compared to the more traditional methods other recruitment firms use.

We care about our work and it shows through the many success stories we’ve helped create. We don’t just do it to meet quotas.

Recruitment Experts

We do our best to equip candidates with the right knowledge and expectations when we send them to employers. Our advice often gives candidates the edge they need to land the job they want and are qualified for.

We are not interested in keeping your data or selling lists. We would never profit from the personal information we’ve been entrusted with. In fact, if you haven’t landed a position with us within six months, we’ll automatically delete your data unless you tell us not to.

In Good Hands

We fervently believe in the good work done within the public sector and we take pride in being a part of it.

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