Public Sector Recruitment in Sheffield

Public Sector Recruitment in Sheffield

Triumph Consultants Ltd is a public sector recruitment agency serving jobseekers in Sheffield – and across the UK. We specialise in recruiting professionals for local and central government agencies.

For the past 20+ years, we have placed the most qualified professionals in diverse local and central government roles, whether they’re permanent, interim, or temporary. We are a long-established supplier of personnel to the police services, emergency services, and government agencies working within the health and education sectors.


Why Trust Us?

We Have a Proven Track Record

Apart from our longstanding record of excellent service in the public sector, prioritising the needs of our jobseekers is our stock-in-trade. We are proficient in finding the most qualified professionals to fill job vacancies, and our roster of 350+ clients is testament to our continued success.

We Have an Expansive Network

Our three and a half decades of experience in the industry comes with an expansive network of recruitment specialists—within the company and outside of it. Our close association with private sector recruiters give you the advantage the best job opportunities on the market – and if you are a recruiter, the benefit of a much larger pool of talent from a variety of industries.

How We Work

We will first listen to your needs and goals, and conduct our search with these as the priority. We will pair you with consultants whose specialisations are within your area of expertise. Whether it’s in finance, education, local governance, healthcare, charity, defence, social welfare, housing, or other applicable sector, we will find you a suitable role.

Once we find suitable roles, we will recommend the top three options. If you are not satisfied with them, we will provide you more options until a suitable opportunity is found.

If you are an individual seeking a public sector role, or recruiting for a local or national government agency in Sheffield, contact us to find out how we can help with your specific requirements.

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