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Trusted Public Sector Recruitment Agency in London

Are you looking for a job in the public sector or is your organisation hiring? Triumph Consultants Ltd are experts in providing temps, interims, and permanent recruitment across a broad range of disciplines and levels of seniority. We have over 300 clients in central government, local authorities, emergency services and bodies within the health and education sectors nationwide. As a long-established public-sector recruitment agency in London, we’re here to help you.


Your Placement Matters

We care about where our candidates end up working, and as such we avoid the use of database mining. We prefer to work on each role with fresh candidates who are individually assessed on the basis of their skills and relevant experience. We believe our approach delivers significantly and consistently better results than the more traditional methodologies employed by other recruitment businesses.

For temporary, contract, and interim placements, we prefer working via vendor neutrals and other managed service providers. Where permanent recruitment is concerned, we generally work bilaterally.

The positions we supply to you are all IR35 compliant. PAYE is our preferred payment method for our temporary and interim workers because of its transparency for all parties.

Our goal is to match the best candidate with the most suitable positions in the public sector. Our rich experience and vast network enables us to make these matches in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

We understand that each position requires its own degree of attention and that filling it is not just a way to meet targets. We listen to our clients and candidates to understand their needs, and create strategies together to exceed them. Your goals will be ours as well.


The Job You Want, the Candidate You Need

If you’re a candidate, we’ll work with you to determine which job you’re most qualified for. We’ll make all the necessary arrangements for you to land that position you want.

It’s not our business model to seek direct interface with clients, however, if you are reading this as one of our clients and are looking for your next hire, we understand well the pressures facing public sector bodies in recruitment. We will match your role with the best candidates available because we also believe in your work.

Email us at [email protected].

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