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    Planning Inspectorate Jobs

    Start building your public sector career working for the Planning Inspectorate with the help of Triumph Consultants Ltd. We can connect you to the most suitable posts in the agency using our tried-and-tested approach.

    For more than two decades, we have been helping government agencies recruit ideal candidates for temporary, interim, contract and permanent positions. Over 350 clients in the public sector trust our strategy for finding and matching the most qualified personnel for their organisations.

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    The Planning Inspectorate

    The Planning Inspectorate for England and Wales or PINS is under the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. The executive agency makes decisions and gives recommendations on matters involving land use. It deals with planning permissions, planning appeals, nationally significant infrastructure projects and other related work.

    Working for the agency gives you access to a competitive salary package that is annually reviewed and an occupational pension. You will also qualify for the Planning Inspectorate employee discount scheme and other rewarding benefits.

    Development and career opportunities in the Planning Inspectorate include challenging jobs that will harness your skills and help you reach your potential. There will also be a comprehensive range of learning opportunities that can help you grow further and build your career.

    Although the job market is fiercely competitive, you will have a unique advantage when you use our services. We endeavour to match your specific skill set to the most relevant Planning Inspectorate post.

    Our Process

    Our proven process is intuitive and seamless, making it easier for job seekers to find and apply for positions within the Planning Inspectorate.

    • Register an online account on our website.
    • Upload your CV for evaluation.
    • Your skill set and experience will be matched to the most appropriate job postings.
    • You will receive a list of potential employers.
    • Your application will be forwarded and processed.
    • When you’re hired, we’ll also help onboard you and ensure you get a stress-free start at your new job.


    Our Promise

    Triumph Consultants Ltd is trusted by a long list of public sector employers and many job seekers because of the following:

    • We comprehensively and fairly screen each CV.
    • We don’t use flimsy teaser ads or unproven algorithms.
    • We protect your information and never let third parties access it without your knowledge and explicit approval.
    • We do not store CVs for more than six months, further ensuring the security of your data.


    Start your Planning Inspectorate jobhunting today. Register an account on our website, or fill out the form on this page to request more information.

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