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    Network Rail Recruitment

    The process of applying for a job at the Network Rail sounds straightforward enough: write an application, prepare your CV and upload it online at Network Rail’s website.

    The problem is that hundreds of others are doing the same thing. If you want to give your application a significant edge, consider applying through a trusted Network Rail recruitment agency.

    Triumph Consultants Ltd is a proud recruiter for a broad range of positions for the Network Rail. Whether temporary, interim, contractual or permanent, we fill the organisation’s staffing needs for apprentices, supervisors engineers, operators and more.


    Our Recruitment Process

    Here’s what we can do for you and what we do in turn for the organisation:

    • Conduct a pre-screening and vet applicants for positions at Network Rail.
    • Identify qualified applicants and match them with the open positions.
    • Forward the list of potential candidates to Network Rail for their consideration.


    To make it to this coveted shortlist of screened applicants, follow our recruitment process below:

    1. Create an account and profile at Triumph Consultants Ltd.
    2. Submit your CV.
    3. Our team will review your application and, based on your accomplishments, skills and credentials, find the ideal position for you.
    4. If our search is successful, you will receive an email with the list of jobs you can apply for.
    5. If there are positions that appeal to you, reply with your consent to submit your CV to Network Rail.
    6. Wait for Network Rail to schedule a formal interview and additional screenings.
    7. If your application is accepted, you’ll hear from our team and receive instructions for the on-boarding stage of Network Rail’s recruitment


    Reputable Recruitment Services for Network Rail Vacancies

    As a trusted recruitment agency for the public sector, our reputation for having a thorough screening process gives your application the boost it needs to stand out from thousands of applications.

    We do not keep CVs for more than six months, which guarantees employers that all applications are current and updated. Our recruiters also update applicants on their status. More importantly, we do not share our applicants’ information without their consent.

    Find opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. Submit your CV today.

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