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    National Archives Jobs

    Triumph Consultants Ltd is honoured to provide quality hires for organisations in the public sector, including The National Archives. Our recruiters specialise in short- and long-term temporary staff assignments as well as permanent and contract recruitment.


    Jobs at The National Archives

    The National Archives is a non-ministerial department. As the official archive and publisher for the UK Government, and for Wales and England, the organisation safeguards important national documents.

    The National Archives employs more than 500 professionals in a variety of roles, from researchers and web developers to records specialists and marketing assistants. They strive to create an inclusive work environment that meets the diverse needs of their staff and encourages respect and camaraderie.

    The department offers the generous benefits that often come with civil service employment, including plenty of annual leave and flexible working arrangements. Employees also gain access to training and career growth opportunities, regular performance reviews and individual development plans.

    The National Archives runs regular well-being initiatives for their staff, including an eye care voucher scheme and the Employee Assistance Programme.

    Our Hiring Process

    Below are the steps to our recruitment process:

    • Upload your latest CV to your account at
    • Explore active job listings posted on our website, and select those that match your expertise
    • Our team will utilise all available data to gauge whether your preferred position matches your credentials. We will also suggest more suitable vacancies if necessary
    • Your application will be forwarded to potential employers
    • An interview and final screening will be scheduled
    • Our team will guide you through the onboarding process if your application is successful


    Our team prioritises each candidate’s safety and privacy. As such, we will not divulge your personal information to third parties without your consent. All personal data will be removed from your CV before we forward them to potential employers.

    Work with Experienced Recruitment Consultants

    Our team of recruiters does not believe in ‘database mining’ techniques and algorithms. All applications are individually reviewed by human staff, not robots.

    Whether you are looking for a career opportunity or the latest addition to your organisation’s team, Triumph Consultants Ltd is here to help. Contact our office for all your recruitment needs.

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