Trusted Local Government Recruitment

Agency in London

Trusted Local Government Recruitment Agency in London

Triumph Consultants Ltd is a recognised and respected name in the public sector employment world. Our local government recruitment agency in London has helped more than 300 clients; not only in the local authorities, but also in the police, emergency services, and other organisations in the health and education sectors. We fill temporary, interim, and permanent positions with the right candidates using our proven approach to recruitment. We work with all seniority levels in a broad range of disciplines across the nation.

Meeting the Needs of the Sector

With the growing pressure placed on local government recruitment due to budget cuts, it is imperative that an efficient selection and processing means are employed where recruitment is concerned. We know that there is a demand in the local government sector for innovative people to drive more modern and effective solutions. Because of this, we work hard to match the right candidates with the right role.

Our team’s approach of screening each candidate based on their skills and relevant experience as opposed to database mining or algorithms, always produces consistently better, longer-lasting results.

We work closely with our clients to determine the extent of their need and discuss strategies to meet them. We work hard to build the right connections that sustain efficiency and productivity.

We invest in the success of our clients’ goals.


Knowledgeable and Ethical

Working with us will give you access to our extensive recruitment knowledge, experience, and network. We equip candidates with the guidance that can help them obtain the position they’re most suited for. We are not interested in selling your data. We delete it after six months if you fail to get a job through us.


Triumph Consultants Ltd

We take great pride in helping organisations and candidates reach their goals with us. If you have employment needs in the public sector, contact Triumph Recruitment today.

Email us at [email protected].

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