How to Dress for a Zoom Interview

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How to Dress for a Zoom Interview

With more interviews taking place online every year, it is important to know how to dress for a Zoom interview and how to behave when being questioned online. In today’s article, we share our top tips on dressing to impress for online interviews and ensure that you always make a good impression.

Dress to Impress and Ace Your Next Zoom Interview

The first thing you need to do is determine what sort of company you are being interviewed by and what their corporate culture is likely to resemble.

  • Casual – If you are applying for a creative position at an advertising agency or perhaps an art studio, it’s probably safe to assume that a casual dress code is observed by most employees.
  • Business Casual – If applying for administrative positions in a relatively relaxed industry, you are safest opting for business casual outfits rather than clothing that is either more casual or more formal.
  • Business Formal – Whilst this type of attire was the most common type of business attire towards the end of the 20th century, since the start of the new millennium it has become increasingly rare. However, some industries and market sectors, such as financial services and the law, still largely follow a formal business dress code.

Having determined the appropriate dress code to observe during your Zoom interview, you now need to select specific garments to wear on the day. When doing this, there are several important factors that you need to consider.

Factors to Consider When Putting Together a Zoom Interview Outfit

Consider all the following factors carefully and you can avoid making any beginner’s mistakes when dressing for a Zoom interview:

  • Your Background – When you are interviewed over Zoom, the background against which you appear on screen will be a permanent fixture throughout the discussion. With this in mind, it is best to choose outfits that neither contrast too strongly with the background nor blend in with it too effectively.
  • The Lighting – The lighting is very important when interviewing via webcam. You need to make sure that your clothing looks good in the light you have available. Because you are not able to move position in a Zoom interview, the effect of the lighting and background is far more important than it is in a face-to-face environment.
  • The Effect of Patterned Fabrics – Patterned fabrics that look great in normal conditions can become fuzzy and distorted on camera so avoid them.
  • Your Lower Half – It is tempting to focus exclusively on your upper body as this is all that will be visible but you will feel more confident if the bottom half of your outfit complements the top half.

Follow all of our tips and advice on how to dress for a Zoom interview, and you should be able to improve your success rate when applying for jobs online. You can also improve your chances by looking straight into the camera as much as possible and not fidgeting too much.

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