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    Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Jobs

    Triumph Consultants Ltd is the UK’s trusted source for positions with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue. Our extensive experience ensures that you will receive the recruitment support you need in your future employment endeavours.


    Be a Part of Something Great

    Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue is one of the largest fire services in the country. Not only do they respond to emergencies, but they also put out fires, maintain vital equipment, teach people about the importance of safety, provide support at major events, and work closely with other emergency services.

    They are always looking for passionate individuals who want to do more than just fight fires. Many of the tasks and duties performed by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue are ones that you can’t find anywhere else.

    If you want to make a tangible impact on your community or be part of something bigger than yourself, this is a career for you.

    How It Works: Our Recruitment Process

    Triumph Consultants Ltd follows a simple yet thorough hiring process:

    • Register on our website to upload your current CV.
    • Our team will review your CV carefully and create a list of potential matches.
    • We will forward your request to the GMFRS with your consent.
    • Interviews and the final screening will be held.


    We’ll guide you through the entire onboarding process if you are hired. It’s just another way we provide our continued support when you choose Triumph Consultants Ltd for your employment needs.

    A Recruitment Company You Can Trust

    At Triumph Consultants Ltd, we strive for optimum transparency in all that we do. That means superior confidentiality and fairness for every candidate. Moreover, we carefully screen and vet every application that we receive.

    And for the safety and security of every applicant, we never keep CVs on file for any period greater than 6 months. Furthermore, your personal information never leaves our offices. We will never share any data that belongs to you without your express consent.

    As your trusted Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue authority on recruitment, we invite you to submit your CV to get started.

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