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    Greater London Authority Jobs

    Triumph Consultants Ltd recruits top talent for Greater London Authority jobs. For over 20 years, our team has been securing contract, interim, temporary, and permanent staffing for various government offices.


    A Rewarding Career in the GLA

    The Greater London Authority (GLA) is the top-tier administrative body responsible for the long-term planning and development of Greater London, UK. It is in charge of policing, transport, fire and emergency planning and economic development. The GLA employs more than 800 staff to support the Mayor and Assembly in their functions.

    The GLA is a strategic regional authority based in City Hall. It shares local government powers with the City of London Corporation and councils of 32 London boroughs.

    If you’re looking for a challenging yet fulfilling career in the public sector, a role in the GLA might be perfect for you.

    The GLA gives you the opportunity to work in different fields and improve the lives of fellow Londoners. You’ll also benefit from competitive compensation, great working conditions, a pension scheme, generous annual leave and more.

    A Safe and Easy Hiring Process

    Triumph Consultants Ltd follows a simple and straightforward hiring process:

    • Create an account at and upload your latest CV.
    • On our website, you’ll find active job openings in various councils and public sector organisations. Feel free to submit your CV for roles that fit your skills, training, and experience.
    • Using available data and industry knowledge, our experienced recruiters will check whether you meet the essential requirements of your desired role. If not, we can recommend better options.
    • An interview and final screening will be scheduled.
    • If hired, we’ll guide you through the onboarding process.


    Fair and Confidential Recruitment

    The recruiters at Triumph Consultants Ltd prioritise your privacy above all else. We carefully screen and vet all applications sent our way. We do not retain CVs for more than 6 months nor share a candidate’s personal data with third parties without their consent.

    As a recruitment firm that upholds fairness and transparency, we proudly support the Safer Jobs programme. This is an initiative sponsored by the government and police to eradicate misleading and fraudulent job advertisements in print, online and other media platforms.

    Unlike many recruitment agencies, we never resort to algorithms or flimsy ads to discover top-notch hires. All job listings on our website are detailed and updated.

    If you’re looking to start a career in the Greater London Authority, send us your CV today.

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