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    Food Standards Agency Jobs

    Triumph Consultants Ltd has more than 20 years of experience recruiting talented people for the public sector. Our vast clientele includes local authorities and government departments such as the Food Standards Agency.


    The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is a non-ministerial department that oversees food hygiene and safety in Wales, England, and Northern Ireland. They have headquarters in York, Cardiff, Belfast, and London.

    Together with local authorities, the agency develops and enforces food safety regulations. Their staff typically works in meat plants to ensure safety standards are being met.

    The FSA employs food safety experts across the UK, including economists, scientists, lawyers, front-line inspectors, policy delivery teams and enforcement experts.

    Working for the agency gives you access to a number of benefits. These including generous leave allowances, a pension scheme, an eye care scheme, a Cycle to Work salary sacrifice scheme. The FSA is also committed to ensuring the work-life balance of their employees.

    As a civil servant, FSA employees are also entitled to benefits from other organisations, including Charity for Civil Servants, HASSRA and the Civil Service Insurance Society.

    The FSA believes in creating an inclusive and supportive work environment. They also operate a guaranteed interview scheme for disabled professionals who meet the minimum requirements for appointment.

    The agency also provides its workers with formal development opportunities in addition to on-the-job training. The goal is to help employees maximise their talents and realise their full potential.

    A Step-By-Step Overview of Our Recruitment Process

    Follow these steps if you’re interested in a career at the FSA:

    • Create an account at and upload your up-to-date CV.
    • Have a look at our active vacancies and select those that best fit your credentials.
    • Using all available data, we will determine whether your chosen role matches your expertise and experience. If not, we’ll be happy to recommend better opportunities.
    • We will forward your CV to suitable employers.
    • An interview and final screening will be scheduled.
    • We’ll guide you through the onboarding process if your application is successful.


    Transparency and Fairness

    We believe that fairness and transparency should underpin everything we do as a recruitment firm. This is why we never use algorithms, robots, or data mining techniques to assess candidates. Rest assured that each application is carefully reviewed and acknowledged by our skilled recruiters. If you’re interested in working for the Food Standards Agency, submit your CV now.

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