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    Environment Agency Jobs

    At Triumph Consultants we match top talent with important positions at the UK Environment Agency. Established in 1995 the Environment Agency is part of the larger Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, or DEFRA.

    The EA is tasked with protecting and enhancing the environment of England by creating policies and procedures that both respond to and anticipate environmental issues. Environment Agency jobs are considered particularly important these days as climate change threatens to affect nearly every aspect of our daily lives in the years ahead.


    Make a Difference at the EA

    At Triumph Consultants we have been placing highly qualified candidates in positions at the Environment Agency for more than 20 years. In that time, we have seen the important contributions many of our placements have made to the quality of life here in the UK. It is truly the type of agency where a person can make a real difference.

    The EA employs some 10,600 people right across England engaged in the creation of “a rich, healthy and diverse environment for present and future generations”. One of their major areas of concentration is flood mitigation. To that end, they oversee numerous projects nationwide, including the operation of the Thames Barrier.

    Working at the Environment Agency

    A career at the Environment Agency is an enriching experience characterised by a dynamic, collaborative atmosphere. The EA encourages its members to actively engage in problem-solving and innovative thinking, leading to a profound sense of professional fulfillment. Employees are given an exciting opportunity to work on diverse projects that aim to safeguard the environment.

    Moreover, the EA harbours a culture of continuous learning, with rigorous training programs and workshops that keep its workforce abreast of the latest environmental policies and technologies. Despite the demanding nature of Environment Agency jobs, the EA strives to ensure a work-life balance, making it a rewarding place to build a career.


    Job Roles and Expectations

    The scope of Environment Agency apprenticeships and graduate jobs is as diverse as the team members themselves. Whether you’re a scientist analysing the impact of pollutants, an outreach specialist educating the public, or a policy maker shaping the laws that protect our environment, every role is crucial in achieving our shared goals.

    Environment Agency jobs and internships available cover a range of disciplines, including but not limited to:

    • Business Administration
    • Project Management
    • Customer Service and Engagement
    • Asset Management
    • Civil Engineering
    • Mechanical Electrical Instrumentation Control and Automation (MEICA)
    • Data Management and Strategic Planning to Fisheries and Biodiversity
    • Habitat Creation
    • Geomorphology
    • Waste, Water and Nuclear Regulation and Leadership


    Apply for EA Jobs Through Triumph Consultants

    If you are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and are seeking a fulfilling career, we encourage you to consider joining the Environment Agency. Applications can be made through the trusted recruitment partner, Triumph Consultants.

    We are highly skilled at matching potential candidates with roles that best suit their skill sets and career aspirations. When applying for a role at the Environment Agency through Triumph Consultants, you can expect prompt service. We offer personalised support from start to finish based on your particular qualifications and career trajectory.

    Triumph Consultants has extensive knowledge of our organisation and is well-versed in the intricacies of the UK environment sector, so we ensure that we identify a role that best fits your experience and interests. Make a difference in protecting our environment by applying for a position at the Environment Agency through Triumph Consultants today.


    The Recruitment Process

    At Triumph Consultants, we pride ourselves on making the recruitment process as straightforward and trouble-free as possible for job candidates.

    • Simply create an account through our website and upload a current CV.
    • Allow our team to evaluate your CV and determine the best potential matches.
    • Provide your permission for our team member to forward your application to the EA.
    • Participate in an interview and final screening.


    If EA indeed hires you, we will walk you through all the steps and nuances of the onboarding process.

    Transparency, Fairness and Confidentiality

    Those are the principles that drive our efforts at Triumph Consultants. We take nothing for granted, sweat all the details, and put each candidate through a rigorous vetting process. You can also rest easy knowing we never share your personal information without your expressed permission.

    Open an account with Triumph Consultants today and start contributing to the important work of the EA.

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