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    DSTL Jobs

    Whether you’re looking for a temporary job or a full-time position in the public sector, Triumph Consultants Ltd can help you find the right DSTL job for you.

    For more than 20 years, our recruiters have placed exceptional talent with various councils and government bodies, including the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. Our goal is to make the hiring process smooth and trouble-free for both employer and candidate.


    Securing Employment in DSTL

    DSTL is an executive agency of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). They are dedicated to providing sensitive and specialist science, engineering and technology research, advice and analysis for the security and defence field.

    DSTL is always on the lookout for creative, talented, and innovative professionals to join their team. They recruit scientists, mathematicians, engineers, analysts, team leaders, programme and project managers and logistics, finance, medical and communications personnel.

    At DSTL, everyone can thrive and achieve their goals, regardless of background or experience. All employees, including graduates, apprentices, and industrial placements, have access to various benefits and training opportunities in a flexible and supportive space.


    Key Benefits of DSTL Careers

    DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) is more than a career, it’s a way of life. The benefits of working for DSTL are many and extend far beyond the work environment to include:


    DSTL jobs provide an uncommon degree of work flexibility that enables staff members to create a schedule that dovetails with their personal and lifestyle imperatives. DSTL encourage staff members to take advantage of this flexibility because they understand that a happy staff member is a productive, loyal staff member.

    Those about to submit a CV should know that DSTL allows and even encourages staff members to work from whatever location is best suited to their needs. That may mean working from home full-time or working on-site full-time or a combination of both.

    As if to emphasise their commitment to scheduling flexibility, DSTL will also consider allowing staff members to work part-time, to work annualised hours (an agreed upon number of total hours for a year, paid out in 12 equal monthly instalments) or even working compressed hours.

    Personal Fulfilment

    DSTL jobs do more than provide a payslip, they also provide a profound sense of personal and professional fulfilment. DSTL reward outstanding achievement by means of cash bonuses and vouchers that provide tangible rewards for a job well done.

    In addition, the DSTL Rewards to Inventors scheme offers innovative staff members rewards in the form or royalties for ideas that can be patented or that demonstrate commercial viability. DSTL goes to great lengths to foster a sense of personal fulfilment in their staff members.

    Annual Leave

    Each Defence Science and Technology Laboratory employee is entitled to 25 days of annual leave. That amount increases to 30 days after 5 years of full-time service. In addition, each staff member is entitled to 8 bank holidays and has the ability to buy or sell as many as 5 days each calendar year.

    In Addition

    Those who choose DSTL careers are eligible for up to 10 months of paid sick leave and can choose between two pension schemes:

    • The Alpha scheme with employer contributions starting at 26%
    • Or the Partnership Pension account


    What Happens During the Hiring Process

    Our dedicated recruiters stay on top of the latest recruitment trends and legislation. We never use faulty algorithms or rely on ads to discover prospective candidates. All applicants are carefully vetted and screened to ensure only quality matches.

    In addition, we refrain from retaining CVs for longer than 6 months, nor do we share them with third parties without the candidate’s permission.

    Our recruitment process typically involves the following steps:

    • The candidate creates an account on tclrec.com and uploads their latest resume. They can now start applying for jobs.
    • Our recruiters examine the candidate’s CV and check whether they meet the essential requirements of the position. If not, they will look for job listings that better fit the applicant’s skills and experience.
    • The application is turned over to the potential employer.
    • An interview and final screening is scheduled.
    • If the candidate passes the selection process, our recruiters will guide them throughout the onboarding process.


    Work with Industry-Leading Recruiters

    Whether you’re searching for bright people to grow your organisation or looking to start a career with DSTL, Triumph Consultants Ltd can help. Contact us now to discuss your recruitment needs.

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