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    Department of Health Jobs

    Start your Department of Health and Social Care career with the help of Triumph Consultants Ltd. We have been trusted recruitment partners in the public sector for more than 20 years because we always match the right person to the right role.

    We proudly work with the DHSC by helping them fill interim, temporary, contractual and permanent positions in the organisation with our proven structured approach and industry experience.


    Our Recruitment Process

    We understand how important positions are in the public sector. For this reason, we don’t use questionable algorithms or advertisements. We depend on our years of proven experience and our extensive understanding of the public sector.

    The recruitment process is straightforward.

    • Sign up for an account on our website.
    • Upload your most updated CV.
    • We look for potential matches after vetting your credentials.
    • We present you with a comprehensive list of positions that match your qualifications.
    • If you approve of a job, we will forward your application to the employer.
    • We will reach out to you for interview schedules and other screening procedures.
    • If you are successful in your application, we’ll also assist you with the onboarding process.


    Rest assured that we always screen applications fairly and comprehensively, making sure that we can find the best positions for each candidate.

    Safe and Ethical Recruitment

    We value the privacy of our clients. We will not store your CV or any other personal document for more than six months. We also do not share any personal information with any third party without our clients’ explicit consent.

    All the vacancies posted on our pages are detailed and up-to-date. We are strong supporters of the government-sponsored Safer Jobs Programme, which aims to eradicate fraudulent job postings online, in print, and all other platforms.

    Start your Department of Health and Social Care job with our help today.


    Department of Health Jobs FAQs

    Is there an age limit applied to Department of Health jobs?

    There is no age limit associated with Department of Health jobs. In fact, if you are older, your life experience and overall maturity may be considered positive attributes for many health sector positions. While health services do not impose an age limit on people per se there are some jobs that may be best suited to the energy and physical stamina typically associated with younger individuals. But if you are in good shape that may not be an issue either.

    Do I need a university degree to work in the health sector?

    It depends on the job. Some require the type of specialised education typically associated with degree programmes, but there are plenty of Department of Health jobs that do not require a university degree. This is particularly true of positions where you would provide support to the wider healthcare team. You might also consider looking into a clinical apprenticeship which typically does not require a degree.

    Can I work in the health services if I have a criminal record?

    It depends mostly on the nature of the offence and to a lesser degree on the type of work you are applying for. Typically positions that bring a worker into direct contact with patients will require that worker to undergo a comprehensive background check and declare all criminal convictions.

    What does it mean when a job posting states applicants need to be ‘registered’?

    Certain critical care positions such as nursing are regulated. As such, anyone applying for a nursing position must be registered with a relevant regulatory body or they will not be allowed to practice. In some cases, however, job descriptions will state that registration is preferred but not necessarily required. Be sure to read any job postings carefully.

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