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    Department for Education Jobs

    If you’re considering a job in the public sector, working for the Department for Education is a challenging yet incredibly rewarding career choice. You’ll have the chance to help industry leaders develop policies and services that will make a real difference in people’s lives.

    Since 2000, Triumph Consultants Ltd has filled permanent, interim, and contractual jobs for the Department for Education. We give jobseekers all the support and information they need to help them become leading candidates for their desired roles.


    Pursue a Rewarding Career at the Department for Education

    The Department for Education is in charge of child protection, apprenticeships, education, and wider skills in England. They have offices across the country: in London, Sheffield, Darlington, Manchester, Coventry, and Nottingham.

    Employees can take advantage of part-time, term-time and flexible working patterns, including remote work. You’ll be able to control your own learning and development and participate in volunteer projects for the local community.

    The Department for Education offers its employees a competitive salary that’s reviewed annually, an occupational pension and the opportunity to earn performance awards. In addition, you’ll have the chance to help shape the future of education, training, and social care.

    Job Roles and Expectations

    How to work for the Department for Education? It means being part of a dynamic team that strives to ensure every child has access to high-quality education. DfE job positions encompass various roles and responsibilities, catering to diverse skill sets and expertise. Some common Department for Education jobs in London include:

    • Policy Advisors: As a policy advisor, you will be involved in developing and implementing education policies to improve student outcomes across the country. This role requires strong analytical skills, research capabilities and the ability to collaborate with stakeholders.
    • Education Inspectors: Education inspectors are crucial in assessing schools and educational institutions to ensure they meet regulatory standards. This involves conducting inspections, analysing data and providing feedback to drive improvement.
    • Data Analysts: Data analysts work with complex education data sets to identify trends, analyse performance metrics and inform decision-making. This role plays a vital part in evaluating the effectiveness of education initiatives and policymaking.
    • Project Managers: The DfE undertakes various projects to improve the education system. Project managers oversee and deliver these initiatives, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget and aligned with strategic goals.


    The DfE values diversity and encourages people from all backgrounds to apply for their job positions. They also offer flexible working arrangements and opportunities for career progression, allowing you to balance work-life commitments while contributing to improving education in the UK.


    The Impact of Working in the Department of Education

    Working for the Department for Education provides a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of children and young people. By shaping education policies, you can help create an inclusive, equitable, high-quality education system that empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

    As a DfE employee, you will collaborate with passionate professionals who share the goal of driving positive change in education. You will be able to contribute to important decisions, influence policy direction, and drive innovation in the sector.

    Furthermore, DfE jobs in London offer exposure to a wide network of education professionals, policymakers and stakeholders. This presents opportunities for professional development, knowledge sharing and building valuable connections within the education community.

    Our Seamless Recruitment Process

    Triumph Consultants Ltd offers jobseekers a swift and hassle-free hiring experience. Follow these steps to begin your application:

    • Visit and create an account. Make sure to upload your latest CV.
    • Start browsing our active job listings, and submit your application to those that best fit your expertise.
    • Using all the available data, our team will determine whether you meet the essential requirements of your desired position. If not, we will recommend more suitable roles.
    • Your application will be forwarded to your potential employer.
    • An interview and screening will be scheduled.
    • We’ll help you proceed with the onboarding process if you are hired.


    Partner with Reliable Recruiters Today

    Triumph Consultants Ltd respects each candidate’s privacy. As such, we do not keep CVs for longer than 6 months, nor do we forward your personal details to third parties without your express approval.

    We ensure that all the job listings on our website are live and updated. Our recruiters never rely on algorithms, and we take down ads as soon as positions have been filled. Our goal is to uphold fairness and transparency at every step of the recruitment process.

    If you’re interested in working for the Department for Education, contact us now.

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