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We Match Qualified Applicants with the Bradford Council

It’s not always easy to find a job, much less for a civil service position for which the competition is tight. People of varying experiences and skillsets want to be of service to the public. Ultimately, it is up to Bradford Council to choose the perfect man or woman for the job.

Our role as a recruitment agency for Bradford Council is to present your CV before the people who could be making that final decision. Key positions in the Council are filled by election and appointment, but there are many more roles that need to be filled every year.


Which Public Service Role is Right for You?

Bradford Council provides social services for adoption, safeguarding children, special education for people with special needs and disabilities, recycling and waste collection, planning and building control, education and skills development, and job placements.

Submit your CV to Triumph Consultants Ltd. As a trusted public service recruitment agency, we may be able to find a role in Bradford Council that’s a good match for you.

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment team is hands-on in screening applicants for our clients. No algorithms; just dedicated recruiters who want to give our clients, and you, the best possible options.

Follow our recruitment process for hassle-free job hunting:

  1. Submit your CV. Create an account with Triumph Recruitment Consultants and upload it on our website.
  2. Our recruitment team screens your CV and finds a match.
  3. We get in touch so that you are informed of your options. We will not send your CVs to employers unless we have your say so.
  4. With your approval, we forward your application to the employer.
  5. We schedule an interview and final screening.
  6. If accepted, we will help facilitate your onboarding with your new employer.


Submit Your CV Today

We can never promise a position to every applicant that entrusts us with their CVs, but we can guarantee a few things.

First, your information will always be safe with us. We don’t collect and keep CVs, nor do we share them without your permission to third-party recruiters.

Second, you’ll receive a reply from our recruitment team. There will not be any waiting in the dark for a response that either comes too late or does not come at all.

Third, all ads we post are live and currently available. We immediately remove posts the moment those vacancies are filled.

If you think you are qualified to serve in Bradford Council, apply through our agency. Submit your CV to Triumph Consultants Ltd today.

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