Council Jobs Redditch

Council Jobs Redditch

We’ve been placing people in jobs at local councils for over 20 years. One thing we have learnt in that time is that there are few more rewarding places to work in the public sector. This is an industry that is literally dedicated to serving others and making our local communities great places to live. Want to be part of that? Let us help.


Working in the Public Sector

Housing, education, travel, transport, planning, mental health services and more. The list of work done by local councils is endless, and the people doing this work are some of the best around. Rather than focusing on profits, they focus entirely on people, and delivering the best service they possibly can.

Redditch Borough Council offers the chance for you to be a part of this incredible, often life-changing work. You’d be forgiven for thinking that all jobs in the council are done by councillors or elected people. This isn’t the case. There is huge scope for a long, successful, and rewarding career in a local authority.

The Recruitment Process

Here at Triumph Consultants Ltd, we take a traditional approach to recruitment, and we’re proud of it. Rather than using cold and impersonal algorithms to match people to jobs, we get to know you personally, so we can ensure the job is right and that you have the best chance of landing it.

Here’s how things will work if you choose us to help you get your next council job:

  1. Before we can do anything, we need you to sign up and send us your CV
  2. We’ll then search for the best matching role based on your skills
  3. Someone will then be in touch to discuss options with you
  4. Next up, we’ll submit applications on your behalf
  5. We’ll then work with you and the council to organise interviews
  6. We’ll help you with the induction process, provided all goes well


Get In Touch

Looking to start a new career in the public sector, or perhaps move to another authority? There has never been a better time. Help improve your local area. Submit your CV to us today and take that first step on the road to a new career.

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