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    Council Jobs Redbridge

    For over 20 years, we have been matching people from throughout the UK to local council jobs – and we’ve been doing it well. By taking a personalised approach to recruitment, which involves getting to know our candidates and clients, we are able to consistently find the right people for public sector jobs. Given the vital work done by public sector organisations, this makes us very proud.


    Working in the Public Sector

    Have you ever stopped to think just how much your local council does for you? Staff at The London Borough of Redbridge Council do their work effectively, efficiently, and quietly – which means it can often get overlooked. But the importance of it is without question.

    Be it housing, mental health services, education, travel, planning, waste collection or recycling, there will be a council team working on it. Each team will be made up of dedicated and committed people who are passionate about serving their community.

    The Recruitment Process

    At Triumph Consultants Ltd, we want to match good people to jobs with Redbridge Council. We have never used cold algorithms to do our matching, and probably never will. We’re more traditional than that. We like to get to know our candidates first, so we know that they will be able to go on and do a great job for the people of Redbridge.

    Here’s the process for landing a role with Redbridge council:

    1. Register for an account with us and send across your CV
    2. Our team will then look for roles that fit your needs
    3. We’ll get in touch and offer you a range of options
    4. After you’ve chosen the jobs that interest you, we’ll submit applications on your behalf
    5. We’ll book in any interviews you’re offered, on your behalf
    6. We’ll help you with the onboarding process if you’re successful


    Get In Touch

    It’s only our view, but we truly believe that there has never been a better time to start your career in the public sector. The world has seen so much change, and that makes working for the council more important than ever. Send us your CV today, and we’ll handle the rest.

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