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    Council Jobs Monmouthshire

    We’re among the best in Monmouthshire when it comes to finding the best talent for council roles. We have helped both applicants and employers fill vacant positions in council over the last twenty years thanks to our well-organised approach, thorough process, and comprehensive expertise in the public sector. Our goal is to see both sides benefit from our efforts to make the hiring process as easy and secure as possible.


    Applying for Employment

    Although the top positions in the council are filled through elections, there are also posts that are open to applications. When it comes to providing the best candidates for interim, permanent, or contractual council posts, we are highly trusted.

    Monmouthshire County Council jobs can be found in many different sectors. Monmouthshire County Council provides many different services, including education, waste management, highways maintenance, and social care.

    You might be looking for a job because you are interested in working with children or adults with disabilities. Whatever your interests are, there may be a Monmouthshire County Council vacancy that fits you perfectly.

    Our Recruitment Process

    Triumph Consultants Ltd doesn’t use algorithms. These are often recognised as flawed. When seeking candidates in the public sector, we rely on our experience in the industry and the latest industry knowledge. We vet every candidate we come across to be sure we’re finding the appropriate match.

    Although we can’t guarantee candidates will be considered for the position, we do ensure that each candidate is assessed fairly and efficiently.

    Here are the steps to follow for those who are interested.

    • Create an account, and upload your most current CV.
    • Based on your CV, we will look for the most suitable job.
    • Our team will be in touch with you and share a list of options.
    • Once you’ve given your consent, we will send over your application.
    • We’ll schedule you for more interviews.
    • We’ll guide you through the process once you’re successful.


    Start Your Journey Today

    Begin your career with Monmouthshire County Council when you forward us your CV. We respect our applicants’ privacy. And as such, we never keep a CV longer than 6 months. We also don’t send them to third parties without your permission. Make sure to sign up today to get started.


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