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    Acquiring Quality Hires for Horsham Council

    For more than 20 years, Triumph Consultants Ltd has delivered quality recruitment for sought-after jobs in Horsham Council. Using our structured approach and vast knowledge of the public sector, we strive to maintain a seamless hiring process for both employer and employee.


    Joining the Public Sector

    Horsham Council offers a range of social services including housing, disability and mental health, travel and transport, education and skills development, recycling and waste collection, and planning and building control.

    We recruit quality hires for permanent, interim and contractual council positions. While vacancies are typically filled through election and appointment, the Council also accepts applications for several roles.

    Our Recruitment Process

    Our hands-on recruitment team understands the unique needs of the public sector. We strive to stay up to date with new legislation and recruitment principles to ensure favourable results. We rely on dedicated recruiters, not algorithms to give our clients the best possible options.

    Each candidate is carefully screened and vetted. While we can’t promise to match each applicant with their desired role, rest assured we review and respond to every CV sent to us.

    Follow these simple steps for an easy and efficient hiring process:

    1. Create an account with Triumph Consultants Ltd and upload your updated CV.
    2. We will evaluate your CV and find a role that best matches your skills and experience.
    3. Our team will get in touch with a list of possible options.
    4. With your approval, we’ll transfer your application to the employer.
    5. An interview and final screening will be scheduled.
    6. Should you get the job, we’ll assist you throughout the onboarding process.


    Send Your Application Today

    Your safety is our priority. We don’t store CVs for more than 6 months, nor do we send them to third parties without your permission. If you’re interested in working for the Horsham Council, submit your CV today.

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