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    Council Jobs East Riding

    For more than 20 years, Triumph Consultants Ltd has been helping professionals further their careers in the public sector. We secure qualified hires for permanent, interim, and contractual council jobs in East Riding and other areas in the UK.


    Benefits of Working for East Riding of Yorkshire Council

    As East Riding’s largest employer, the Council has over 10,000 staff members delivering more than 600 services.

    Working at the council not only gives you access to hundreds of career paths, but also great opportunities for career development. Employees can apply for a training loan that enables you to take vocational training courses.

    A confidential Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is available to all council staff 24/7. You can speak to an accredited counsellor for legal, financial, and medical advice.

    Employees may also take advantage of flexi-time arrangements, job share and compressed working hours.

    In working for the Council of East Riding, you will have access to the Local Government Pension Scheme, which provides a secure future income, independent of stock market fluctuations and share prices. The scheme also offers you and your family protection in the event of redundancy or ill health.

    A Straightforward Hiring Process

    We follow a secure and trouble-free recruitment method.

    • Set up an account at and upload your current CV.
    • Browse active job listings on our site and send your CV to listings that fit your expertise and career goals.
    • We will evaluate all available data to determine whether the roles you selected fit your skills. If they don’t, we can recommend more suitable positions.
    • We will forward your CV to suitable vacancies.
    • You will receive details on your interview schedule and final screening.
    • If your application is successful, we’ll guide you through the onboarding process with your new employer.


    Dedicated Public Sector Recruiters

    Our team is experienced in matching candidates to the right positions. We take into account each applicant’s training, experience, and capabilities. We do not use algorithms or bots; all applications are carefully screened and acknowledged by a human recruiter.

    We value your privacy and security, which is why we refrain from storing CVs for more than 6 months nor share your personal information with third parties without your consent.

    If you’re interested in working for the Council of East Riding, submit your CV today.

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