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    Council Jobs East Northamptonshire

    Triumph Consultants Ltd has a long history of securing remarkable talent for local authorities and government agencies. We’ve connected talented professionals to permanent, interim, and contractual council jobs in East Northamptonshire and other postcodes in the UK.

    council-jobs-east-northamptonshireUnlike many of today’s recruiters, Triumph Consultants does not utilise algorithms, data mining techniques, and misleading ads to scout talented candidates. Rest assured that each CV is reviewed and acknowledged by a human recruiter and not a robot.

    Benefits of Working for the East Northamptonshire Council

    The Council of East Northamptonshire provides a variety of social services, including street care and waste management, education, housing, adult social services, business and licensing, flood and water management, culture and tourism and environmental solutions.

    The Council is committed to treating everyone fairly, regardless of age, race, gender identity, disability, and background. They strive to install a culture of inclusion in the workplace, where everyone feels valued and supported.

    As an employer, the Council is committed to developing their people by providing plenty of opportunities for growth and training.

    As an employee of the East Northamptonshire Council, you are entitled to competitive benefits packages and family-friendly policies. You may also choose to join the Local Government Pension Scheme.

    The Council recognises the importance of a positive work-life balance by offering flexible working opportunities. This way, employees can stay productive at work while balancing other priorities, including parental responsibilities, charity work and leisure activities.

    A Straightforward Hiring Process

    Triumph Consultants Ltd has designed an efficient and convenient process for both employers and job seekers.

    • Create an account at and upload your latest resume.
    • Discover active job listings on our website and submit your application to those that match your capabilities and experience.
    • Using all the available data, we will verify whether you qualify for the role you have selected. If not, we can recommend more suitable positions.
    • We will forward your CV to your potential employer.
    • You will receive details about your interview schedule and final screening.
    • If successful, we’ll assist you through the onboarding process with your new employer.


    Further Your Career in the Public Sector

    If you would like to play a part in making East Northamptonshire a better place to live in, submit your application now.


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