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    Charity Commission Jobs

    Become part of the public sector by working for the Charity Commission. Triumph Consultants Ltd will help you find the Charity Commission job that matches your qualifications so you can make a difference in the 168,000 charities they regulate across England and Wales.

    We don’t rely on questionable algorithms or sketchy ads. We only work hard to bridge the gap between government agencies and top-quality applicants. And we have been doing this for more than 20 years.

    If you’re passionate about ensuring that charities thrive and inspire trust in people looking to improve their lives, working for the Charity Commission is for you. Triumph Consultants will help you get there.



    The Recruitment Process

    Our process for recruitment is streamlined, straightforward, and effective. Follow the steps below to begin your application process.

    • Register an online account with us and upload your latest CV.
    • Your CV and application will undergo an assessment process through our team.
    • Once we have matched your qualifications with potential positions, we will contact you.
    • We get your approval before forwarding your CV and application to the Charity Commission.
    • Wait for the details about your interview or final screening.
    • Once you land the job, we’ll help with your onboarding process in the new position.


    Trusted Recruiters

    We perform all tasks and go through our processes with integrity, transparency, and fairness, making sure everyone gets their fair chance at landing the job they want. We carefully review every application that goes through us.

    If we contact you for a possible position, you can be sure that your qualifications match the demands of that job.

    We also place a premium on privacy. This is why we never keep your information for more than six months, nor will we send your CV to any third party without your explicit consent.

    Start your career with the Charity Commission. Sign up with us today.

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