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Trusted Central Government Recruitment Agency in London

Dream of serving your country and working for the central government? Triumph Consultants Ltd’s central government recruitment agency in London can help. We have more than 300 clients across local authorities, central government, emergency services, and other bodies within the health and education sectors nationwide. Work with us to meet your employment needs.

Securing a job in the central government can be challenging, especially with the high level of competition. At Triumph Consultants Ltd, we’ll provide everything you need to know to become a leading candidate.

We are a London-based central government recruitment agency, sourcing high-calibre individuals for permanent, interim, and contractual positions in the public sector. From NHS to MoJ jobs, our recruitment specialists will match you with a role appropriate for your skillset and experience.

Building Ideal Teams

We go beyond the work of just sending candidates to employers. We aim to build the most productive and effective teams in the public sector. We make sure our candidates are well-matched to the environment and culture while also maintaining a discerning eye on qualifications. We know how much of a waste of time it is when individuals who are not qualified for a position are vetted. Our highly skilled consultancy team screens candidates. We don’t use algorithms.


Proven Recruitment Style

We place a lot of stock in our chosen approach of assessing each fresh candidate’s skills and relevant experience instead of using database mining. The results we’ve seen over the years have been consistently better than the more traditional methodologies that other recruitment businesses use.

For temporary, contract, and interim placements, we prefer working via vendor neutrals and other managed service providers. We generally work bilaterally with permanent recruitment.
We prefer to use PAYE as our payment method for temporary and interim workers. The positions we fill are all IR35 compliant.

Unlike other central government recruitment agencies, we take a hands-on approach in our screening process. No algorithms: just dedicated recruiters taking the time to provide you with the best possible options.

We never fill positions to simply meet quotas. We work with our candidates to better understand their needs and capabilities. The care we put into filling every position speaks for itself through the success stories of which we have been part.

Embark in a hassle-free job-hunting experience by following these steps:

  • Create an account at Triumph Consultants and upload your latest CV.
  • Our recruitment team will thoroughly review your application and match you with a job that best fits your skills and experience.
  • One of our recruitment specialists will get in touch and provide you with a list of job openings.
  • With your consent, your CV will be forwarded to prospective employers.
  • An interview and final screening will be scheduled.
  • If accepted, we’ll guide you throughout the onboarding process with your new employer.



Work With Specialists

We match the right candidate to the right job by putting as much attention and care necessary. We believe in the work involved in the public sector and we want to do our part in strengthening it.

Triumph Consultants is a strong advocate of the Safer Jobs programme, a government and police-backed initiative designed to eliminate fraudulent and misleading advertising roles online. Expect that all information shared with the company will be treated as confidential.

We don’t harvest CVs, nor do we disclose information to third parties. In fact, your data will be deleted after 6 months unless you request to have it remain on our database for a longer period. Moreover, your CV will never be forwarded to an employer without your written permission.

Whether you’re looking to start a career in the Ministry of Justice or the National Health Service, we’ll provide all the help we can. Reach out to us and submit your CV today to get started! To learn more, email us at [email protected].

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