Benefits of Working in the Public Sector

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Benefits of Working in the Public Sector

Whether they are just setting out on their employment journey, or they find themselves between jobs, a lot of people weigh the possibility of working in the public sector. In the most general terms, the public sector is defined as any taxpayer-funded organisation. That could be the NHS, educational institutions or any one of countless other government-funded entities. In this brief guide, we’ll look at the benefits of working in the public sector and provide tips on how to shape your CV to obtain public sector work.

The Benefits of Working in the Public Sector

Many people choose public sector work because they feel it provides them a chance to make a positive contribution to society. But that is far from the only benefit of public sector work. Other benefits include:

  • Job security: Should a privately owned company’s product or service encounter stiff competition they may need to reduce staff numbers to stay competitive. By contrast public sector institutions are not subject to market pressures, thereby providing better job security.
  • Less work, more income: Over the course of a career in the public sector the average employee will work nine years less than their private sector counterpart and earn on average 30% more during the years they are actively employed.
  • Better work environment: The private sector emphasis on profits puts enormous stress on employees. The public sector by contrast is focused on service. As a result, the public sector work environment is typically more laid-back and thoughtful.
  • Flextime: Some government agencies will accommodate different circumstances in a person’s life by offering them “flextime”. With flextime the person is allowed to choose when they start and finish work each day, although they may be required to be present during certain “core” hours.
  • Gov’t pensions: The average government pension is 14% higher than the average private sector pension. And while pensions have come under a certain amount of fire in recent years, they have emerged from the debate largely unscathed.

Tips on Tailoring Your CV to Apply for Public Sector Jobs

If you plan to apply for public sector work, it’s in your interest to make a few subtle changes to your CV. Here are a few tips that should help:

  • Public sector hiring managers want to know upfront why they should choose you over other applicants. So, emphasise any experience you have that speaks directly to specific aspects of the job in question.
  • Don’t assume public sector hiring managers are familiar with the private sector acronyms you’re using. Always write out the full description then include any acronyms in brackets.
  • The public sector hiring manager only spends a few seconds perusing a CV before deciding whether it’s worth reading the whole thing. So, keep the formatting simple and clear.

The benefits of working in the public sector are many. You would, however, be wise to take a slightly different approach to crafting a CV for the public sector than you would for the private sector. Take the above tips to heart to give yourself the best chance of success.

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