About Us

Triumph Consultants Ltd (TCL) is a long established supplier of temporary, interim and more recently permanent personnel to the public sector, particularly local authorities, but also to the police and other emergency services as well as central government and other bodies within the health and education sectors. We have more than 250 public sector clients to which we supply on a national (UK mainland) basis.

We have always supplied staff to large, public sector outsourcing businesses, but this has more recently also started to involve us with blue chip UK corporates who have been seeking temporary, interim and permanent resourcing in their own right. This is anticipated to be a major growth area for TCL, going forwards.

We provide temps, interims and permanent recruitment across a very broad range of disciplines (and at all levels of seniority) with the notable exception of social care workers.

Our preferred means of working with our clients on temporary and interim placements is via vendor neutrals and other managed service providers. In general we work bilaterally where permanent recruitment is concerned.

We work very differently from the majority of recruitment businesses, avoiding, for example, the use of “database mining” techniques and preferring instead to work on each role with fresh candidates, each of whom is individually assessed on the basis of their skills and relevant experience. This approach is not without its challenges, but we believe it delivers consistently better results than more traditional methodologies.